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Chronic recurrent issues, such as flea allergies and behavior problems can often be addressed through telemedicine. Minor concerns, such as a recent acute (sudden) onset of mild limping or a recent onset of mild diarrhea, may also be good candidates for telemedicine. Although telemedicine does not provide the opportunity for a detailed medical workup, many common conditions can be treated symptomatically (treatment recommendations based only on the pet’s symptoms and clinical signs) through telemedicine.

  • Pet Allergies

  • Alopecia Symptoms

  • Changes in behavior

  • Mild diarrhea

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Frequently Asked Questions

Veterinary Telemedicine commonly asked questions

Over 50% of American states have legislation that does permit a veterinarian, at their discretion, to provide prescription medications to the patients that they assess via telemedicine, since COVID many things have changed to allow for better remote telehealth.
Is it legal for veterinarians to provide telehealth services? Yes. Veterinarians can offer clients telehealth services
Telehealth is the overarching term that includes any use of technology to deliver health care remotely to your pet anyplace in the USA.
The technology built into most smartphones, tablets and laptops provides all you need for a Unity telehealth consult, but depending on what the veterinarian uses to connect to you virtually, you may need to download a specific App ahead of time for your virtual visit.

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