Virtual Urgent Care

With our nationwide practice of dedicated providers and specialist, we can deliver CARE centered around you and your family.

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Striving To Cover All Your Medical Needs

24/7 urgent care for common conditions including COVID-19, strep throat, flu, urinary tract and so much more

75% of most practices are
closed after 6pm

3-4 Hours – Average time in
emergency waiting room

7-14 Days – Average number
of days to schedule Dr. appt

66% of Emergency Room visits
are non-emergency

How Unity Telehealth Works


Schedule your consultation


Schedule your consultation online by accessing your
patient portal or call 1.866-305-2318 to speak with a
care coordinator.


Care Coordination


Members can speak with a Care Coordinator
who will triage and your Patient Electronic Record as
well as document your symptoms for the doctor.


Doctor Consultation


Unity Doctor will contact member to discuss symptoms
and recommend a treatment plan. If a prescription is
necessary it will be sent to your pharmacy of your choice.

Become A Customer

To get started online click the button to become a customer. Then select a plan and fill out a brief medical history like you would at a doctor’s office. Once your account is created your are immediately given an ID# that can be used to schedule an appointment immediately.

Become A Customer